Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Jungle Safari Nails

First of all, I want to say a million apologies for the absence in posting! I have been otherwise preoccupied...but I hope you missed me!

I just LOOOOOOVE this mani, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get its true luster to perform correctly on camera. It's waaay more vibrant and shimmery in real life!

This is a gradient using Nicole By OPI "Daffodil", Kleancolor "Jazz Olive", & Wet 'n' Wild Caribbean Frost.

The leopard print is my trusty Konad image plate #M57 and I used their special black to stamp.

Y'all like?? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teal/Purple/Silver/Black Splatter Mani

This is a splatter mani I did to match something I was wearing...

To achieve this look, all you need are the same supplies that I tell you to use for any splatter mani.

If you're new here, I have done splatter manis HERE for a pink version, HERE for a 4th of July splatter, & HERE for a Halloween blood splatter that I call the massacre mani!

The STELLAR colors I used to create this were China Glaze "Aquadelic", Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes", Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab "Malediction", & Orly "Frolic".

What do y'all think??

FYI...for the last few days I've been getting questions galore about other media outlets you can use to see pictures of my work and the answer is:

Instagram: JemsFromJenny
Facebook: Jems From Jenny
Twitter: JemsFromJenny

Make sure to follow me and drop a line anytime!! :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turquoise & Distressed

This is my Turquoise weekend mani! Looks a little southwestern!! I absolutely ADORE this color combo and method!!

I was nosing around Instagram and A girl Chelsea did this with colors that look like these and I fell in love! Doesn't it look like red and blue turquoise?? I heart it!!!

The colors that I used are beautiful on their own, but STELLAR together! :D It's 3 coats of Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled "Shrimp On The Barbie" (the shimmer in this color is sick!!!) & a coat of China Glaze "Aquadelic".

The technique used to achieve this look is super fun and easy! All you do is paint your nails with a base color and let them dry completely. Then come back and paint a layer of another color on top, and before it dries, you dab pieces of wadded up saran wrap on top lightly, then top coat and your done! I put about 5 minutes into this mani for real!!

And how neat does it look?? Some tips before you try this out yourself??

*Get 10 little pieces of Saran wrap ready, so that when it comes time to dab, you don't mess up the nails you have already done.
* Do not dab over wet nail polish! It will smear and get yucky.
*Pick contrasting colors so your design is sure to pop!!
*I looooove the look of a metallic/frosty/glittery color with a creme. Looks awesome!!

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Floral Coral Glow Nails

This was my weekend mani. :D I have been on the hugest coral/ coral kick of my life!! It just compliments my coloring super well and I can't get enough!

This was a quickie using a 3 coat base of OPI "Cajun Shrimp" which I got at my local State Beauty Supply for $3 because it was their color of the month!!! Lucky for me, right?? Even though I definitely have shades similar to this one, I just couldn't resist. It was calling to me. And all who know me know that OPI is not my favorite brand, but this was just too pretty to pass up! lol

For the record, the gold that I stamped with is China Glaze "Passion", and I used my trusty old Konad #M65 plate. This was on my nails and I was ready to go in under a half hour all in all. I find that the more spaced out plates like this one apply easier and you don't have to do as much touching up and clean up if you don't get the whole image on the nail just right.

Those of you who talk to me know that I have 3 favorite images that I stamp with, I love this one, my zebra and leopard print!! This looks cute any way you slice it!! What do y'all think??

Friday, April 20, 2012

Colored RAWR!!! :P

This is my weekend mani! :D TGIF for real...

This is just plain cute, and really didn't take me long at all!

I have only used this image once on my nails when I first got my Konad system, and I love my animal prints, so I re-did it with white and added some colors for some oomph!

I used are Sally Hansen "White On" for the white base, and stamped in Konad Special Polosh in "Black".

Then for the colors, I used a small dotting tool and went for my primary colors, ROYGBV (no indigo lol).

Those colors were China Glaze "Sunshine Pop", Essie "Orange It's Obvious", China Glaze "Spontanious", Sinful "Exotic Green" & Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" (my favorite all time blue!!).

Hope ya'll have a STELLAR weekend, and leave a comment...let me know what you think! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zebra Siren!!

This is my weekend fun mani! haha

Those of you who know me, know that I LOOOOOOVE animal prints, so here is a zebra print in red and black. Hot right??

This is Pure Ice "Siren". 2 coats, for STELLAR coverage.

The black stamped with Konad plate #M57 is Konad Special Polish in "Black".

As a side note here...this color rocks it out, I mean seriously!! The application is flawless, it's the perfect consistency, and applies evenly and pretty with one coat, although I used two because I always use at least that. I have only great things to say about it/ This should be a go to red for sure. And who doesn't love the price tag at $1.99 too??!

What do y'all think?

LeChat Dare To Wear "Mine Is Mine"

This is LeChat Dare To Wear polish in "Mine Is Mine".

So sorry for the quality of the pictures in this post and the next, my camera is wonky and I'm having to use the old one. :(

I really love this color because it's really glitzy in a demure sort of way.

It's a cornflower/periwinkle blue frosty little mix of heaven.

This is such a pretty summer blue, isn't it??

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pastel Easter Weeked Mani

This is my Easter weekend pastel mani i did really quick before packing for my weekend trip to the cabin!

I love this, because it's not like over the top Easter with bunnies and chicks like I would normally do.

 I chose this pastel polka mani because it will transition well after Easter when I'll be away and unable to fickle with my polish. :)

To re-create this mani, all you need are the polish you choose (I used 6 pastels, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink & peach) a neutral base coat (I used one coat of Essie "Mademoiselle") and an optional coat of glitter to bling it up (I used China Glaze "Fairy Dust").

You will also need a larger sized dotting tool to create the dots.

I just randomly dotted color by color and by the time I got to my last color the nail was no longer visible. Then I followed with a coat of glitter and top coat.

The colors left to right are my base of Essie "Mademoiselle" (neutral), Sally Hansen "Sky" (blue), Sinful "Olympia" (green), Sinful "Unicorn" (yellow), Confetti "Belle Of The Ball" (purple), China Glaze "Dance Baby" (pink), Essie "Van D' Go" (peach) & my glitter China Glaze "Fairy Dust".

What do y'all think?? :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hot Pink Waves

This fun mani I did over my Lechat Dare To Wear "Techno Beat"/

I stamped this in Konad Special Polish in black.

This image is from the Cheeky XL large plate A.

What do ya'll think?? :)
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